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Vaccines and Options


Vaccines are well known to many as a preventative way to avoid infections to serious diseases and illness ranging from polio myletis to meningtis. 

Conventional vaccinations have has a wide range of efficacy, some only 30-40% effective, some 90% effective. Many studies are available, quite complicated to read, and many assumptions are made and different conclusions made from the same study depending on how statistical data from the study is used.

Vaccine Safety:

The benefits of conventional vaccinations are debated widely and there are also many adverse side effects reported. Autism is often one hot topic. Many parents have reported seeing autism right after certain vaccinations, especially MMR vaccine (for measles and rubella), prior to which the child was perfectly normal and well. There no conclusive scientific proof that says these are related, but it is quite difficult to ignore the onset of autism after vaccination and say they are not related either, especially to a parent who has a child with severe autism. Many children also have mild form of autism and aspergers syndrome which often makes the link between vaccine and autism less concrete.  

Alternative Homeopathic Vaccines:

There are some alternative vaccination programs which are not very well known, but quite safe and effective as well with minimal side effects.

Homeopathy has a vaccination program which is considered extremely safe, with rare complication, if at all adverse and the efficacy rate is also considered quite high. 

Dr. Isaac Golden has developed a vaccination program for infants/children and adults and has been researched and used for decades with little or no adverse reactions. 

For more information on this program it is strongly recommended to buy the following book title:


"Vaccination and Homeoprophylaxis?" by Isaac Golden

A Review of Risks and Alternatives

This is the latest version of a profoundly important manual for practitioners, offering viable protocols for alternatives to childhood vaccinations.

Golden has continued to expand and refine his vast understanding of homeoprophylaxis - the use of homeopathic medicines for specific disease prevention


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