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Immunity Building Progam*

Immunity - Your defense mechanism is vital importance to protect oneself from diseases, in all realms, mental, emotional and physical. 

A pre-requisite for strong immunity is a good, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Medicine is usually a post treatment for illnesses arising from weak immunity. 

A stitch in time saves nine (or) an apple a day keeps the doctor away. So its worthwhile to give priority to build immunity beforehand, rather than treat an illness arising from weak immunity.

Immune Support for colds/flu

Immune enhancing program through diet, herbs and lifestyle:

Diet: A balanced diet is of vital importance, rather than fixing to a certain diet, such as low carb diet, south beach diet, mediterranean diet, vegan diet, Indian Vegetarian diet etc.

Stick to whatever diet is more comfortable and natural diet to you. Every diet can be balanced no matter what the ethnic origin it is from. In general a diet to a particular ethnicity is suited and adapted to the environment, climatic conditions, seasons and type of foods available in that region. So stick to the diet which you are most comfortable with, but then make it a balanced diet. 

Here are some suggestions to build a balanced diet
Fats: Restrict the fat intake in your diet between 10~20%. 
Stick to original  traditional unaltered fat such as butter, ghee (clarified butter), cheese, cold pressed oils (olive oil, palm oil etc). 
Zero fat diet is not recommended as your body needs good fat for proper functioning. 

           Do not use processed hydrogenated or "modified" oil. 

           Do not use margarine

          When selecting oils for cooking, use "stable" oils, such as unrefined coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, gingelly oil etc. 

          Avoid "unstable" vegetable oils such as processed cotton seed oil, sunflower oil, saffola oil, etc. Although these are marketed as healthy light oils, these oils are very unstable and are oxidized easily. These oils sold on the market has already been processed at high heat and pressure, and is damaged to some extent from oxidation. When you heat these oils further, more damage is done, and these oxidized oils tend to affect your health and some findings have shown link between oxidized oils and heart related conditions.

Proteins: Restrict the protein intake in your diet between 20~30%. 
    Excess protein in your diet, such as low carb diet, tend to overload the kidneys and can create other problems.
Use good proteins of what you are familiar with from childhood. Good vegetable proteins are boiled or cooked lentils, coconut,  etc
Good sources of proteins from meat are wild fish, free range organic chicken, poultry and other organic meats.
Good sources of protein drinks from animals are non-homogenized organic cows milk (Strauss milk), 

           Do not use Soy as a vegetable protein. Soy is a very controversial vegetable and has not been traditionally used in large quantities. The side effects of soy outweigh the protein content in it. There are many other sources of good proteins. Click here on Soy to read more about it.

           Do not take conventional meats that have been processed. They are usually injected with hormones, antibiotics, salt and other chemicals for preservation and raised in a closed cramped environment that stresses the animal to a great extent. In Ayurveda, food is considered as giving vital force. A good source strengthens and improves vitality, a food that is unhealthy such as processed foods, conventional meats that are from ill-treated animals and vegetables with pesticides sprayed on them will decrease your vitality, although the amount of calories between a good and unhealthy source of the same food may not differ much.

Carbohydrates:  Restrict the carbohydrate intake in your diet between 60~70%. 
Low carb diet is not recommended as carbohydrates are the primary source of energy to your body. It is the foundation. It is essential. Protein and Fats are added on top of it.  Carbs generate a good mood and feeling. Lack of this will create a bad, low mood.
Use good whole carbohydates in your food as much as possible such as whole wheat bread, whole wheat tortilla, roti/chapathi or whole wheat indian bread etc.
Use whole wheat based, minimally processed foods. 
If you are taking rice, stick to white rice. If sensitive to sugar/insulin, take par-boiled (half boiled) rice or semi shelled rice or  Basmati Rice (the king of rice)
Even fruits, vegetables have some carbohydrates in them. Potato is an excellent source of carbs, and very beneficial when taken as a mashed potato or similar form along with good source of proteins such as meat and little fat. A classic meal with meat, mashed potato with butter and vegetables is a well balanced diet. Potatoes are high in potassium and low in sodium and is very beneficial to health giving you energy and vitality. Typically we eat the other way, with high sodium and low potassium diet which is detrimental to health.
Vegetarian diets should include rice, potatoes and other similar foods with substantial carbohydrates. Sticking on low carb veggie diet is low in energy and not recommended.

           Do not take brown rice or limit its quantity. It is hard to digest, heat generating and can be an overload for persons with weak digestive system or when one is down with some illness.


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