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Health Foods for a Healthy Living

Medicine and Supplements are extremely important for one's well being. But one has to remember that for a fundamental healthy being, the food one eats is more important. As it is well known "You are what you eat". 

What you eat affects you not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Hence it is important to eat healthy nutritious food grown in good environment. 

For e.g, a chicken grown in cramped poor conditions which was suffering will likely affect the person who eats in negative way. 

For a healthy body, mind and soul, eat organic foods grown or raised in humane conditions consistent with nature's way of sustaining equilibrium. 

Health Recipes 

Food Guidelines

Foods NOT to be taken

SOY based foods
For thousands of years,, farmers used soy, as an intermediate crop between seasons to fix nitrogen in the soil. The plant and seeds were thrown or composted, but never eaten or even given to animals. 
Soy beans to cows in large dose is quite fatal to them
Japanese and other oriental people always used soy in "FERMENTED" form, which removes many toxicity and used in "small" quantities. 
Modern soy based foods such as soy milk, soy lecithin, soy based infant formula, soy flour was unheard in the past. 
Here are some reasons not to use or limit soy use:
    Tibetan monks use soy to control their innate reproductive feelings and capabilities and to maintain celibacy
    Studies have shown soy to decrease thyroid activity
    Soy have been known to be linked with infertility, especially in women
    Soy increases estrogen, and young girls have shown premature pubertal signs of growth even before 10 years of age
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Good Protein powder:

As an alternative to soy protein, use a good quality whey protein powder  


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